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This beautiful hand made mosaic is a unique piece of art made for our Studio's portfolio by mosaic artist and art educator Magdalena Aron who's passion for portrait is the key in her professional developement as a mosaic artist.


The artist, trained in both fine and digital art has over 200 portrait studies (made generally from life) and all this contributed to her development as mosaic artist. "I often think of mosaics as paintings and I am trying to combine my training as ceramist, fine artist and animator in my work. Through mosaics I have found a medium just as time consuming as animation itself and in the stilness I am trying to find movement, in the coldness of the teserae I try and add the warmth of the soul through the eyes of the sitter."

Made out of vitreous tiles, hand-cut, fitted & glued individually on a ply wood base this mosaic who's time scale stretched over two months from start to finish is one of the first example that the artist had ever produced. It is an unique piece or hand made art and a true sign of patience and talent.


Dimensions :
In Inches 15 H x 15 D
In Centimeters 38 H x 38 D

Mosaic Portrait

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